why does this site load up as evening.site? [resolved]

November 7th, 2017

I use firefox portable and when i load it up and go to a wbb tab i was on previously the first thing it does is load the tab blank with the web address reading evening.site (where site is the address of the wbb page as it would normally have been). Taking evening. out and pressing enter goes to the page just fine but I am wondering why this happens at all
Answer #1
I’m using an older version of PaleMoon portable and that’s never happened to me. PaleMoon is an optimized version of FireFox and that’s why i answered. The evening was for testing before it came back on line after site went down, and i thought it had been fixed. So not sure why you’re still getting it. I can only suggest you clear your cookies and see if that helps at all.
Answer #2
problem is resolved now thank you


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