Why am i running to many applications .. O.o

March 8th, 2018

Ok when i go to .. Manager.. umm ( CTRL + ALT + DEL)
It says.. There are 92 processes running. .. I just booted my pc..
Any idea’s
Im running on Vista Home

Answer #1
Probably normal for Vista
Can you make sense of what’s running ?
Install something like TaskInfo or Security Task Manager which should give you some information about what’s running…
Answer #2
This does seem somewhat excessive.
Xp i managed to get down to 40-48 – but with the ram i had it was like lightning anyway.
Vista is (no need to go into an all out vista debate) quite heavy, for no want of a better phrase.
What you can do is try and lighten the load by removing excess services that you will probably never use – such as fax machines, you may never use readyboost.. you might not ever have this computer connected to a printer..
This link will give you an idea of what services do and what can be disabled, which many people do.
Bad link replaced with better one:
This will explain how to access services and which ones should be disabled and which ones should be left alone
Answer #3
go to start > run > type in MSCONFIG > go to the start up tab on the far right it should be and untick the boxes that you don’t need to start up straight away.
I don’t know if that works on vista though becauce i’ve never used vista.
EDIT: i think you need to type services.msc for vista?
Answer #4
jordan, what you said is the vaguest possible description of exactly what i posted already..
Answer #5
Did’nt read any other replies lol.
Answer #6
Nice specs Jordan, all I can say.


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