Which system is easier to play backups on PS3 or XBOX360?

November 24th, 2013

I finally want buy a system but I don’t know which one is easier to mod.
Also I’m planning on buying MW3 if it would still work.
XBOX360- Heard about the xbox360 softmod, but I don’t know the specifics.
Like if I need to buy another dvd drive.
PS3 – I read something about only certain firmwares.
I really want a PS3 b/c all my friends have 1.
I was going to buy either the
PlayStation 3 80GB 4USB
Or XBOX360 with or without a HD depending on if I will save money.
And if I have to buy a 120gb for $50 from eb games

Answer #1
xbox 360 is way easier to mod only requires a flash of the drive firmware
ps3 is 1000 times cooler but harder to mod well that is if you buy a new one and it’s on 3.56+ firmware
it requires you to have a flasher like progskeet (never buy a E3 flasher as it bricks 80% of the ps3’s even if they promise dualboot wich it even doesn’t do)
you need some files and a good dump of your original firmware
ps3’s in the 3000 series have a updated metldr called metldr 2 and you cant downgrade them (yet)
xbox 360
+: easy to mod
+:play backups from HDD with a x3key
-: if done wrong you get banned from live
+: way cooler if modded you can have lot’s of homebrew
+:games from HDD without extra hardware
-:no playstation network acces on custom firmware (yet)
if you decide to go with a ps3 i can guide you with the flash part
and make a updated tutorial for warezz-bb
this console is a phat model and can be downgraded with a progskeet flasher
Answer #2
Of course Xbox 360 is easier for mod
Answer #3
hmm xbox 360,
but the newer ones need to be soldered and all, so that’s a pain
if you do it from someone then it’s easier to update to that


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