Which Anti-Virus to use ?

November 27th, 2013

Hey Guys ,
I just bought anew computer after the last one kicked my *** !
So I want to know what the best anti-virus to use now
I used to use Nod’s smart security but it was attacking most of the games in my PC !!
So which one to use ?

Answer #1
Why is so hard to use SEARCH? We talked about this million times before….
Don’t be lazy, use that freaking option!
Avira (free) + Malwarebytes (free) = Awesome protection
Avira (free) + Malwarebytes (free) + COMODO Firewall (free) = Ultimate protection
Answer #2
use kaspersky
or avast
or avira
and malwarebytes + superantispyware
Answer #3
Free avast and free malware bytes is all u need
Free avast
Free malware bytes
Answer #4
If you want it take look at my sig
Answer #5
Thanks Guys
Answer #6
kaspersky pure/internet security 2012

Answer #7
i wouldnt use NOD it has alot of false positives and drives you crazy with it lol.
Answer #8
KIS + malwarebytes …………. no prob since 2 years
Answer #9
I’m using free microsoft security essentials…
Answer #10
Free- Avira
Paid- Kaspersky(RECOMMENDED)
Answer #11
Answer #12
Select the “do not disable from potentially unwanted applications” and you’ll get a lot less false positives, with a lot less protection too of course.
Realistically, if you aren’t too stupid you should be able to get viruses at all, but if you are scared of them, get KIS or Kaspersky pure. Only problem is the activation crap.


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