What’S the point of a private torrent site?

November 30th, 2013

Take for example Demonoid.me
There download speed is sometimes slow and people suggest to use other trackers to make the download faster. Doesn’t that beat the purpose of having a private torrent site? Can you get caught if you use public torrent trackers. I’m thinking that a site like that, if it’s slow using only a demonoid tracker, the site is useless.
Could you get caught uploading/downloading torrents using a public tracker?
Is using public trackers in a private torrent site useless?

Answer #1
demonoid doesn’t really count as a private tracker.
real private trackers are far superior in speed, quality control, retention, content etc.
the scare tactics and media coverage appear to be working as everyone is afraid of getting caught when in reality the odds of ever even receiving a letter or warning are miniscule.
Answer #2
Private trackers have much better ratios, that is why you go to them. But be careful, you must seed well to have a good ratio, or you will be banned.
Answer #3
Demonoid is not really a private tracker.
Answer #4
Ulmauf replied: Demonoid is public tracker and always will be.
Answer #5
Shadowic replied: Ulmauf replied: Demonoid is public tracker and always will be.that
If you want to get the very latest use private tracker.
Answer #6
Private trackers have the benefit of not only having high quality seeders for most of the torrents, but also they get the latest downloads quicker and often have many exclusive torrents of their own.
But thats on the more materialistic side of things.. from a more intangible viewpoint its kind of like having another living breathing community like the Warez-BB community itself.
The one thing you have to remember though is to keep seeding so that your ratio doesnt turn out too low.. they do not look kindly upon leechers…
I hope that answers your question


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