What is the sfv fix for ntsc gears of war 2

August 9th, 2018

Hey what does this patch actually fix in the gears of war 2 game for the 360. will this make my console susceptible to a ban. I haven’t been online with gears of war for the past 5 days because of the banning and i just want to make sure that my copy of the game is safe without this patch.
this is my version: Gears.Of.War.2.NTSC.XBOX360-x360inT

Answer #1
sfv is not a patch or a fix…It’s just a file to check rar files for errors…To stay on the safe side don’t play online with copied games…
Answer #2
Yeah try to stay offline just add bots to the game if you to play multi-player.
Answer #3
thanks i usually rent teh games and copy them myself but i just couldnt wait.


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