What is the difference between AutoCAD…

April 29th, 2014

I need AutoCAD for school, I have tried to find a good portable version of 2012 AutoCAD, but all I have found is a Russian version, no English version. However, I also see AutoCAD Mechanical. Since I cannot find a regular version of AutoCAD, I was just thinking of going to AutoCAD Mechanical.
What is the difference between them?

Answer #1
this thread is surely gonna help you
Answer #2
from my opinion they dont have any difference in operational… the AutoCAD mechanical just gives u extension of additional command, just like there is AutoCAD Architecture which i once had… it has additional pallette which u can make wall, column, beam, etc. in 3d model and u can customize the dimensions… to tell u the truth, i never used it for my work, because AutoCAD is meant to make 2D not 3D… i can make 3D from sketchup and render it with 3ds Max
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