Wanna learn a new code/program/design

March 8th, 2018

Basically, I make websites.
I want a new language/code or something to design with (like flash) – instead of using photoshop all the time.
I’ve tried flash, but its not for me.
Whats good out there?
How hards java etc.

Answer #1
Well so you just want to learn web programming not programming for applications. Well I love PHP I think it was one of the best interpreter languages to ever be created, it can do so much. However basic HTML is good to know before working with any web based language.
Javascript I am not found of because no matter how good it is people can always view the source code. PHP hides the source code. You could also start learning Perl or Ruby on rails, or get into the now with Ajax.
The choice is yours on what language you want, all have there pros and cons.
Answer #2
go php
Answer #3
Im looking for something more as a substitute for Photoshop or Flash.
I want something like flash, where I can make animated websites.


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