Video software editor help for a noob

July 25th, 2016

Hi all
I bought a camcorder that records 1080p it’s a sony and I’m SUPER new to video and editing and was wondering if members here could give me direction on good software to use for editing whatever I might shoot. Something that doesn’t take a rocket science degree to use yet good enough to color grade and add different kinds of effects etc. I am looking at Premier as well as Vegas. Other suggestions are surely welcomed as well
Which of these offers the most with plugins or add-ons etc. I have a wealth of luts I already use in Photoshop
Thanks for any help offered

Answer #1
Premier is the most complete but both Premier and Vegas are not the most intuitive softwares available. If you want to learn again like you did with Photoshop those are the best you can get. There are some books here on the ebooks section and you have the Adobe’s classroom to start with Premier. For Vegas there are less learning materials and you may need to jump more from a blog to another in order to learn it.
Premier is the standard in the industry but Vegas is used too. If you need to do professional editing other softwares are far behind them.
Answer #2
Answer #3
Thanks a lot for the input, it’s appreciated!!


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