November 19th, 2017

…yea anyone heard of this site?.. it’s a streaming site similar to better..but for some reason for the past month it wont show a picture. All i hear is audio, and a grey screen?.. anyone been there and is experiencing the same problem?.

Answer #1
Tried to reinstall your flash player?
Answer #2
^you reckon that could be it?. everything else works fine with flash. idk ill give it a shot.
Answer #3
You need to install this:
Answer #4
Thanks man, but i already have it installed. this is making me want to pull my hair out
Answer #5
I’m still getting this problem.. and i have sense did a clean install of windows vista home basic and its still giving me only audio
Answer #6
Can this b a codec issue
Answer #7
I have no clue.. i dont like installing codec packs..2 often wat codec would be good to install for this to work do u think?
Answer #8
When I had issues with some web players messing up I loaded it up in Chrome it worked just fine on it not sure if you
are using it already or would wanna bother but I usually have FireFox and Chrome for a backup ..
Answer #9
Yea i have chrome..still doesn’t work
Answer #10
Yea so..can anyone help me or no?.. it works on my lap top.. but i don’t have it here with me.. this is irritating the hell out of me.
Answer #11
Veetle is just great and I installed veetle player for my firefox and it works like charm.You might have a codec problem,try a clean install of veetle player and k-lite codec.
Answer #12
damn man i have .. countless times wat is the main codec it runs off of?.. divx?.. because i have no codec pack on my lap top n it works perfect but on my desktop it doesn’t work ne more..


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