Upgrading Ram

April 16th, 2018

Hi all!
I have a 780I motherboard current using DDR2-800 (2 x 2GB) of ram and I want to increase to 8GB. Should I get another (2 x 2GB) or get the (2 x 4GB) sticks? Will there be difference in timing and performance issues using (4 x 2GB) vs (2 x 4GB)?

Answer #1
you won’t see no difference between x2 2gb sticks or x2 4gb sticks. run them as dual chan and you’ll be fine.
first things first, check what your MOBO supports as max RAM & go from there. personally I’d get 8gb x2 4gb sticks. you could also get x2 8gb sticks & run 16gb RAM because they’re quite cheap but that’s up to you.
Answer #2
DDR2 @ 4GB is rare and expensive at $118 plus a stick, I would be saving the pennies for a real upgrade!
And could only work if you motherboard were compatible..
2 x 2GB sticks may be added and it will run in dual chan if, and only if, they are well matched..
Answer #3
It’s better to get 2x4Gbs sticks, cause it allows for more slots for future upgrades. Any performance difference between dual chan (4x2gbs) and quad chan (2x4gbs) will be negligible. Plus, if a stick fails, you would only have to test 2 sticks as opposed to 4.
Answer #4
Yes well I was just thinking of costs involved, considering it is an older 775 socket board and 8GB is it’s max ram according to the manual..


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