Upgrade Windows 7 Home to Professional

August 5th, 2016

Hi guys,
Can anyone give me the steps to upgrade my Windows 7 Home to Professional ?
Thank you!

Answer #1
If you have a legit Windows and willing to fork out more..You can use the Anytime Upgrade..
If you have a pirated version..Then I’m afraid you will have to do a fresh install..
Answer #2
You can use the Anytime Upgrade keygen to upgrade to ultimate google it
Answer #3
Google how to reformat a computer. Not to be rude but you can definitely find more information as well as video tutorials that way. That is how I learned. Make sure you download an ALREADY ACTIVATED version or have a CD key, you do not want to be mid install and realize you need a CD key. Also, back up all important files on EXTERNAL hard drive.


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