Upgrade to Windows 8

July 31st, 2016

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate (64) and was thinking of upgrading to a downloaded Windows 8 (64) and wondering if it would be any faster and could I upgrade it would need to format it for it to work.

Answer #1
Go for it. It formats the HD itself. IMO its faster yes.
I’d wait for 10.
Answer #2
Thanks but will I be able to upgrade to Windows 10 and download Windows Updates this Windows 7 am running was cracked?
Answer #3
There are about 3 threads talking about this in Off Topic mate, first page
Answer #4
There is also the possibility that you will be able to upgrade without losing settings and files(without having to reinstall softwares). For Windows 10 you could possibly upgrade to it but I don’t think that it will go legit if you are using a non legit copy.
Answer #5
If you get this update offered to you,(KB3035583) then you should be right to get the Windows 10 upgrade when it is released, I think!
Answer #6
It would be a bit faster, but probably not worth doing considering W10 is around the corner. I personally don’t think it would be worth the hassle even if W10 wasn’t coming out.


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