Tweak Firefox Help – Pop Up Blocker Settings

November 25th, 2013

Hey guys, was hoping someone could help me out with this one. I recently had to reinstall my OS because of corruption from a game rip I downloaded ON THIS SITE!! (From a user I had NEVER had any problem with!) Oh well, I only blame myself….I usually always download full iso’s and I was being lazy…anyway I had to redownload all my software, etc., and what I found to be the most annoying, was the little things…Things you don’t really think about when deleting your partitions and getting ready to reinstall windows. Addons for Firefox for example. I must have had over 100 of these and I can’t seem to get my browser back to the way it was!
SO BOTTOM LINE —– What I’m looking for is a tweak, or add on or extension or something…I can’t remember what exactly (and I have searched google far and wide so please don’t tell me to GO SEARCH GOOGLE, like I’m some kind of complete moron and I haven’t done that already)…what this tweak did was allow my pop up blocker settings to be available not only in the status bar but also directly under the Tools Menu in Firefox (currently to get Firefox’s pop up settings you go to Tools, Options, Content, etc. – this tweak allowed an option directly under tools… Tools, Pop Up Blocker). Now I know there is an extension for firefox called PopUp Master, and I’m pretty sure this is NOT it (unless someone can tell me differently, as I cannot download it for the Firefox version I’m running now, which was, I believe, the same as before OS crashed -version 7.0.1)
So anyone have any ideas? I’m thinking there could be some way to do this in about:config, but I have no idea how.

Answer #1
Honestly there are far too many add-ons for Firefox, some of my favorites:
Adblock Plus
WOT (Web of Trust)


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