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November 30th, 2013

Hi All,
I have a pc tv card (Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1200 (Model 71xxx, Hybrid DVB-T)
I have never used it, the driveris installed. How do I use it. I want to record some videos I have (wedding and graduation etc) and want to put them on DVD.
What software do I use with the card?
Any help is appreciated.

Answer #1
If you have the original Haupauge CD then you can get the latest software.
You don’t say what OS you are using which makes it difficult to suggest anything. Some of it might not install or work on Win 7 etc. If you use XP then your choice is much wider as there are many freeware appz that you could use. Some earlier versions of Winfast could work with none Leadtek TV cards. I have quite a few versions of it myself.
This is one that I first started out with and it can work quite well for single tuners. I’m not sure how it will work with your card having both analogue and digital tuners. It’s freeware so worth trying.
Check out the TV software on this page, there are other appz you will need to filter through.
This should work, depending upon your OS.
Here is his latest software which should work on newer OS’s.
The best software IMO is DVBViewer. That’s one that I purchased so I can get regular updates.
A tip for you, always record in .ts (transport stream) format. It is much easier to correct audio/video sync errors. VideoRedo v3 is good if the source is Mpeg2. I have a link up for that.
Answer #2
I want to record some videos I have (wedding and graduation etc)
what is the video saved on ?
what format is it ?
Answer #3
If you have Win 7 etc with Windows Media Center, you should actually be able to use that..
Answer #4
edwoodweb replied: I want to record some videos I have (wedding and graduation etc)
what is the video saved on ?
what format is it ?

lol I missed that part and assumed that it was TV reception. It sounds like he wants to use the Analogue input to digitize the videos from VHS or similar sources.
Ideally he would record in a lossless format and then encode to Mpeg2 using some decent Mpeg2 encoding software such as Cinemacraft. Doing some image processing to try and reduce the video problems that are common to VHS video would be beneficial.
VirtualDub capture in Huffyuv format might be worth doing but would produce a very big file. Then image process/encode that. There are some guides on processing VHS video and converting to DVD. Doom9 forum has a lot of info on improving VHS video and image processing.
Some software to record is needed, VirtualDub should be able to do it but there might be better software meant for the task. iuVCR is meant to be able to do it although I have never used it.
Answer #5
Got it working now, using media centre and that guided me through the set up. Many thanks for the help.


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