Transfering pictures from cell phone to pc?

November 24th, 2013

Guys I have some pictures on my cell phone and want to transfer them to my pc. The pictures are not on a sd micro card, but can I just buy a data transfer usb cable and transfer them that way to my pc?
Answer #1
Yea..Usb cable or bluetooth should do the job..
Answer #2
Thanks….even though the pics are stored in the phones memory and not on a sd card. Thanks.
Answer #3
Sorry..That I can tell you..Depends on what phone and what OS…
Answer #4
just buy usb cable and transfer them that way to pc
that is what i always do
Answer #5
Go to walmart or the equivalent super center and match your phones female part with the proper male part that has a usb on the other end of the cable. Get a black one, at least 4 feet long. Preferably you should demand a 10 foot cable, since you are the customer, and the customer is always right.


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