top reliable and light antivirus…

March 27th, 2018

I just formatted my laptop cause it was infested in a way
and now i would like some antivirus internet protection and so on
and i was wondering which should i install…the only problem is my
laptop is not a gaming one so its only quad core with 2gb of ram so
i need something on those specs…

Answer #1
Avira free
Answer #2
Microsoft Security Essentials
(If it’s XP to Windows 7)
Answer #3
Answer #4
and ,
Answer #5
bitdefender is great
Answer #6
ESET Smart Security 7
Answer #7
Microsoft Security Essentials
(If it's XP to Windows 7)

Yes, this one is good
No keys and stuff
Answer #8
eset eset eset since I have been running it no virus no malware no spyware no nothing. 100% clean
Answer #9
Yes Microsoft Security Essentials should be your option if your windows is genuine.
Answer #10
ESET Smart Security 7, fast-light, and easy to use.
Answer #11
Just installed avira – its good
Answer #12
ESET Smart Security! It doesn’t use resources heavily at all, runs nicely in the background and can also be configured easily.
Answer #13
I have researched all anti-virus products and the best anti-virus protection is Kaspersky. Kaspersky is the best all-round anti-virus program. NOD32 is just as good if not better, it runs faster and has less software conflicts but may be more difficult to use. Personally, I use NOD32.
Recent tests prove Kaspersky and NOD32 are better than the best sellers Norton and McAfee. Norton is notoriously bloated and takes forever to perform full systems scans.
Answer #14
baidu antivirus scored high during some malware prevention testing. light as a feather, not many heard of it but soon it will be popular if it continues to perform well.
Answer #15
Panda Gold scores the best..


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