Terrain keeps crashing UT2004 Editor in test play

March 30th, 2018

EZ all, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a technical problem regarding UnrealEd 2 for UT2004. Recently Ive been getting into making my own levels, and I got pretty good at making the actual visual aspect of a map, then I learnt about terrain, (which I think is one of the best things). The only problem I’m having now, and its a huge, debilitating problem: Whenever I use terrain, in ANY of my levels, everything works smooth as butter, mountains and all, but as soon as I hit ‘Test Play’, the editor just straight up crashes and disappears, givin me an error message about something to do with Microsoft Visual C++; then I get brought back to the editing screen again.
The strangest thing is, that terrain worked on ONE of my levels, (I added DM- as a prefix, dont know if thats whats messing things up). I use the package name ‘mylevel’ and then something like ‘terrain’ or ‘terrain1’ (for the heightmap or terrain tab); for the layers tab, I use the package name ‘mylevel’, with a name like ‘terrain1a’ or ‘terrain1grass’
Since that one level, which isnt even that good, terrain has never worked. Ive tried about 5 times with a new map each time, but nothing. All I seem to be doing is creating loads of clutter with packages and names, which I cant undo (gives an error message like texture already in use when I try and go back on myself).
This is really starting to do my head in, whenever I start getting good at something complicated besides music production, it always f*cks up in someway so I cant go any further.
Can some skilled UnrealEd wizard (or which) help me out here, google aint saying nothing, neither are any unreal forums, so I thought I’d turn to the W-BB community for spiritual guidance.
BTW i learnt mapping mostly from Angel Mappers site, cos it was pretty in-depth and yet easy to follow.
Awaiting your response, huge thanks in advance

Answer #1
Come on, sorry to double post, but a week and not 1 reply, I need to get this sorted out. I know someone out of the 1million+ people here knows about the unreal engine
Answer #2
Read under terrain section.
Answer #3
Thanks for the suggestion, but my problem is not covered there. All it mentions is that you have to use square dimensions for your texture layers (powers of 2), but I already know that. Like I said, I learnt from angel mappers site, all that stuff is already covered.
As for the smooth tool, it doesnt even have an effect on my terrain, nothing gets smoothed. The only terrain tools that do work, (or do anything at all to the appearance of my terrain) are the vertex painting, and edge turning tools.
Can you go into any further detail? Im glad someone could be arsed to have a look LOL.
Ive got about 3 levels that Im working on, but unless someone can help me, then its all been a complete waste of time, because I cant even test play the buggers, and those that use Unrealed, know that you have to put a LOT of time aside to make even a small map.


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