Streaming Xbox 360 Videos from Windows XP Pro Machine

October 25th, 2016

I just downgraded my laptop from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows XP Professional. I want to know how I can stream videos from my laptop to my Xbox 360 to watch on my TV.
Is this possible? Any help is appreciated.

Answer #1
just share your files in windows media player (add file to the media library and turn on “share media”)
Answer #2
I tried that. And when I check “Share Media” then click “OK” the whole program freezes for about 1min and then the OK button is selectable again… If I click it again the same thing happens. And if I click cancel and go back to the Library tab and click Share my Media (or whatever it says) the “Share Media” option is still unchecked.
Answer #3
Tversity is always a good choice
Answer #4

DorkyWizard wrote: Select all

Tversity is always a good choice

Super agreed.
GUI is very user friendly…Impossible NOT to figure out…
Answer #5
Im also interseted in doing this, Ive downloaded Tversity and installed, cant get pc to recognise xbox 360. Pc is upstairs with wireless connection and xbox 360 downstairs connected to wireless router via ethernet cable. should this work still? help plz.
Answer #6
TVersity works. Thanks guys.