Stereo mix & MSN

June 14th, 2018

I want to know if there is a way of using programs like “Fake Webcam” for example and transmiting sound in a chat with programs like MSN Messenger. I have been trying all day, I have made the stereo mix my default for recording but when I go to the options in MSN, It doesn’t recognize any inputs for the microphone. I just want to transmit live sounds from my Windows Vista into MSN.
Any ideas?
Or any programs that would allow me for the person im chatting with to hear the sounds from my computer?

Answer #1
I heard it was disabled for copyright reasons or something. Why not just get a small patch cable and plug one end into the sound output (maybe line out, I’m not sure), and the other into the mic input?
Answer #2
Try Total Recorder. It installs a sound driver similar to Stereo Mix that you can probably select in Messenger. Used it a while ago don’t remember.
Answer #3
Use ManyCam for the virtual webcam, you can play video files or show your desktop etc…
Just switch your recording input to stereo mix (in sound control), then play music or whatever and it should work. It’s essentially “what you hear”.
Answer #4
Thank you very much guys!
I went with ” idea of plugin the sound to microphone and its working perfectly!
Thank you again!
Answer #5


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