start computer i get this probleme

August 8th, 2018

how to solve this?

Answer #1
need more info, What OS are you using? did you get this after installing a driver, game, app, update? etc.
Answer #2
i am using windows xp when i am use more then 2H +++ just restart or shut down after i can’t open my windows just loading the mark ASUS then blue page this error also tried manytime update but still probleme here my os detail
Answer #3
the solution is right there, written in english. get the latest drivers for your graphics card, install and restart. also get the latest directx while you’re at it.
Answer #4
have you tried safe mode or last config that worked it may be a damaged driver rather than incorrect so if safe mode boots uninstall vid card then reboot
Answer #5
Download the Driver Genius. Scan for missing updates for your computer parts. Download and install them and hope that solves your problem. Driver Genius Pro..
Answer #6
A bit of advice mate ………… If you are happy with the way your computer is running then disable Windows Update ………. It can be a pain in the ass.
OT: Install Everest (Hardware information tool). That will show you the manufacturer and model number of your graphics card, or give info about mobo graphics if that is what you are using.
Then goto the manufacturers site and download the latest drivers for your card.
Go into device manager and uninstall your graphics card, if your computer is still up and running then install the drivers you downloaded. If your computer needs to reboot then just install them over the current drivers after the reboot.
Answer #7
You have a hardware conflict.


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