SSL + Downloading + Rapidshare

November 18th, 2020

Hey all,
I was wondering if it is possible to use SSL when you are downloading from rapidshare? I am a Premium Account holder and was curious. I searched around a bit and found a download manager called rapget which hinted towards it being possible by saying that one would need to download openSSL in order to correctly work with rapidshare. You can see it here – look under requirements.
I have searched this and a number of other forums and not found a solid yes or no answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all
EDIT: Please note I am not trying to plug rapget or anything. It is just the only thing I have found that is even close to my question.

Answer #1
Not sure why you want to use RapGet. USDownloader used SSL but I find the best downloader for a premium account to be JDownloader. Search this forum using JDownloader
You will need to find ~ Dead file host ~ in your Host settings and enter your account information.
Answer #2
Rapidshare doesn’t support downloading files with SSL. The only things that are encrypted with SSL are premium zone web pages. (those under https://ssl.~ Dead file host ~/cgi-bin/premiumzone.cgi)
Answer #3
Thanks all.
Yeah, I am using IDM which works wonderfully well. I was just curious. Only mentioned rapget cause it mentioned SSL (honestly, it is a pretty ~ Lovely ~ Download Manager I think). I knew that is had SSL for the premium zone, and was hoping they had something similar for their downloads. Oh Well.


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