[SOLVED]NOKIA 5800 lock code

April 23rd, 2017

Hi i have a nokia 5800 xpress music and i forgot the lock/security code and it is very important that i recover it.
this is because i have the “expired certificate problem” and i need the lock code to reset the phone.
i tried using the imei and security mastercode thing but it still tells me code error
im so fed up right now. the version is 21.0.025
help me plz

Answer #1
Default codes: 1234, 0000, 9999, 8250
Answer #2
if it doesn’t work
upgrade your framwok and it will delete all the security keys
Answer #3
i think the default code is ” 12345 ”
Answer #4
The default code do is 12345 but i think when i changed the framework it changed 2. anyways im w8ing for the new framework to come out.
thx for caring guys and if u have any other ideas tell me.
Answer #5
Solved! i updated my phone and its ok now.
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Answer #6
bro nw whats ur new firmware code i mean from 21 to what??because from last 1 month i m trying to upgrade my cell 5800 bt somebody said me its very risky so thought u can help me out
Answer #7
Solved! i updated my phone and its ok now.
you dont need to wait for new firmware
use the currently one
like this they do in the shops to unlock the phones
i am using this with experience, also unlocked my Iphone 3G
great i was able to help


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