[SOLVED]GTX560 black screen

November 29th, 2013

Solution: Check your gpu card for extra power slot as some may need it.
Soo i just bought a GTX560 Nvidea gfx card. The only thing i did was replace my old one with the new one, my old one was HD4850 if that is of any help. My first concern was that the power supply was to low (550W) but the strange thing was that the computer booted, i could hear the startup sound etc, but no screen at all, not even the startup screen. Soo I’m guessing that my screen is either to old (3year) http://tweakers.net/productreview/18741/samsung-syncmaster-2032bw.html
Or the cord that connects my gpu and my screen is to old or… can’t be broken, it worked just a second ago xD. my cable looks like this one:
Grtz, Bloodworxx
PS: if any needs more detail about my specs, don’t be shy to ask Cheers

Answer #1
If there was not enough power there would no doubt be beeping when powering up.
Sounds like the GPU is simply DOA.
Try re-seating it in the PCI-E slot. Iv’e seen this happen before where the GPU just simply didn’t sit properly in the slot.
Try it on the second PCI-E slot too.
Answer #2
may sound like a ~censored~ question, are the power leads for the GPU inserted properly ?
Answer #3
Ok, as ~censored~ as i am…. I thought the 2nd PCI-E power slot was for connecting 2 cards with each other xS but with both power slots connected it runs, sorry for being kind of…. mhhh how to put this in a way that doesn’t completely embarise me xD fast? Cheers for the replies
Grtz, Bloodworxx
Answer #4
was i right then ?
Answer #5
@Ste#. Well u were half right i guess :p the power cable was inserted properly but there were 2 needed to get him going xD


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