[SOLVED]Blood bowl (PC) game problem

April 14th, 2017

Apparently, I got the game locked up. I accidentally clicked “update” on the “new updates available” window at the start-up, so my key (pirated, of course) got banned or something. Now, when I try to enter the game, it prompts me for a serial, but this time, the Reloaded one does not work, when I click ok it simply prompts again. Note that I am NOT attempting to go online with this, nor play multiplayer, it’s all happening in the main menu.
I tried re-installing the game using the same crack and everything (the fact that only every third share here actually has a crack and serial in it isn’t making my life any easier either), and it does NOT work, the key gets written somewhere on my system. I’m running XP sp2, standard stuff. Please help!

Answer #1
i remember having alot of trouble with it too. But the Reload -xxxxxxxxxxx key thingy did work. Only thing u had to remember was to not enter any key/serial or anything before it asks for player(key) i think it was. Any other request it makes u had to ignore. Hard to explain when i dont have the game infront of me. But do u calcel or ignore the request for serials until u are actually in the game and it asks for PLAYERkey?
Answer #2
Right now it does not prompt me for a serial until I’m in-game, in menu. Reloaded key is ALREADY displayed in the window (?!), and if I click ok it prompts again. If I click Cancel, it boots me out of the game.
Answer #3
yeah but remember that it will still ask for serial when u start the game and enter. Skip that. “cancel” then it will ask for player key. (maybe what you ment?) But at installation it will ask for serial. Skip it. In the game it asks for seriall. Skip it. It asks for player key. Enter Reloaded key. (and dont be connected to the internet while doing all this. )
Again hard when i dont have it infront of me, but hope it helps otherwise write again and we will see what we can do
Answer #4
That worked like a charm, thanks alot! I didn’t realise a difference between player key and serial.
Answer #5
That worked like a charm, thanks alot! I didn't realise a difference between player key and serial.
yeah they dont tell you much about it in the info. (Or i mean they dont tell you clearly enough.) But glad it helped. Have fun with the game.
Answer #6
Actually, they don’t tell you much of anything in the info. Will do! Thanks alot again!
Answer #7
who have the player key? please give to me..
i cant play that game..


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