[Solved] Movie catalog?

January 21st, 2017

just wondering if anybody knows of a good movie catalog program that will retrieve movie information (cover, plot summary etc) automatically from avi filenames?
I’ve used a few different types such as collectorz.com movie collector, but none seem to be able to search for movie information automatically.

Answer #1
there is alot of sites who will give you alot about movie you want to see,just i don`t think any of sites will check it automatically and give you away an info…
you have to use your fingers a little bit and writte movie`s names in search box…
Try this one,i think it`s the best:
Answer #2
yea, sorry, i’m looking for a program like movie collector but with it, you have to type i n the name of the movie you have and then it searches for the information online and stores it in your collection. (hard to explain)
Answer #3
“all my movies” does what i require…
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Answer #4
I use the program personal video database
http://www.~ Disallowed ~/file/yzEUyFa
There are many language integrated and you can import movie information from IMDB.com (new version of IMDB).


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