[solved] Lan connection keeps disconnecting

December 6th, 2017

Hey guys,
I got a major annoying problem. On the pc of my girlfriend it keeps saying ‘LAN cable not connected’. This every few seconds. Not only the message appears, but also the LAN connection fails every few seconds. Hereby it’s quite hard to use the internet.
The computer is attached to a modem by LAN, such as an other computer within the LAN, but this computer experiences no problems at all.
The LAN cable is working good. The problem occured a few weeks ago, we bought a new LAN cable, but this isn’t working either.
Do you have any solution for this terrible problem?
Any info needed: Just ask.

Thank you very much
Thanks in advance

Answer #1
What happens if you switch ports on modem?
Answer #2
Thanks for this quick reply. There doesn’t change any thing. The problem still exists.
The computer who is not experiencing any problem in the network is the MAIN computer. The computer who IS experiencing problem is using the ‘external’ ports.
Does this make any difference?
Answer #3
Hm,wait you have something like router with few ports for crossover cables right?Also what is a internet source?Phone,DSL,WiFi or what?
Answer #4
Ok, seriously. It wasn’t my modem, so I just followed what everybody here said.
So they said ‘we already switched ports’ But I did it now, but the problem does not persists.
Very strange, but thank you anyway very much!
Answer #5
maybe your internet package is not suited for multiple connections try connecting to the modem directly on to your girlfriends PC if its ok then the problem is like i just said but if its not ok then try resetting TCP/IP just type on the command prompt this command “netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt” without the double quotes then press enter do this 3 times more then restart your PC then if your on a dynamic IP make sure on the properties of TCP/IP that “obtain an IP address automatically” is selected


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