[solved] JDownloader 2

August 17th, 2017

i have been using jdownloader2 to d/l films and it has been working fine and now everytime when download of clicknupload it keeps coming up with – server error 404. I have checked the link online and it is up 100% online on clicknupload. does anyone know how to fix this.
all help would be appreciated.

Answer #1
It’s on clicks side not jd’s
Answer #2
it is pretty normal and i also encounter it from time to time both on CU and openload. it is probably related to server load at that specific time and they block all downloads except the ones via browser. try a few hours later or tomorrow on a different time range cuz it may be specific to between some hours when the load on servers is generally at max.
Answer #3
@, @ – thanks for getting back to me, now I know why and its on cu server.


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