[Solved] Hitman BloodMoney

October 27th, 2016

Can anyone help me to enable cheats in this game? I have tried the way given in cheat book but that is not working.
Answer #1
Did you update to the latest version?
If you did, its disabled I think.
Answer #2
Yeah it’s disabled in the latest version. I used to play it all the time with those mafia guys flying all over the map with the cheats but after I played it a while after, nothing worked with me.
Answer #3
You don’t need cheats as its a pretty darn easy game, if your timing and instincts are sharp.
Answer #4
Can you please help me in the certains down mission? I have replaced the gun to kill the actor. But I can’t kill the other guy!!
Answer #5
Oh easy.
But you should do the top part first.
Place a bomb on the bell thing or was. There is a place where workers enter and ladders leading to the top of the lights. Wall all the way to the end and there should be a place where you can place a remote bomb.
Now, switch the guns and head to the viewing points, a bodyguard or police disguise works well. Once the person gets shot, wait a bit and the other guy runs over the hall. He will get stuck for a few seconds. Activate the bomb immediately. Get rid of the disguise or not and escape.
That’s for Silent Assassin ranking. A more faster way is to use the WA2000.
If your stuck on a certain level, head to gamefaqs. They have heaps of guides.
Answer #6
I took my silenced gun and kill them from the auditorium. It was simple to do it in this way. Got the rank professional. And there was no noise. Well I am in the net mission now. Its easy.
But can anyone give me a guide book for it?
Answer #7
Guide Book, if you like playing that way. :p
EDIT: Whoops, Paste 2 is not allowed, so heres RS Link:
http://~ Dead file host ~/files/337181820/HMBM_Guide.txt.html
Answer #8
Thanks but this is copied from Cheatbook Database!!
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