Searching Movies and Links

August 28th, 2017

can we search movies linked only to specific uploads (?) for instance search movies with links to PUTLOCKER only so I don’t have to search a movie and go into each author to see if they offer PUTLOCKER links?
Thank you for advice.

Answer #1
You can’t, chances are some uploaders will put the specific file hosting site in the title and you can search from there.
Answer #2
When the search form is open, select the ‘Search post title and message text’ radio button. Then you can simply enter your search term, press space, and add putlocker behind it. It’s as simple as that
Just noticed that it doesn’t work with IMDB codes though.
Answer #3
Search for [PL] instead…
Answer #4
Search for [PL] instead...
First of all, nice post count (188888).
Secondly, this doesn’t work if it’s uploaded to multiple file hosts (and tagged with it). It doesn’t find [RS/PL] for example.


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