running multiple rsload at a time

January 27th, 2020

hi, there’s this application called “rsload”. the application downloads a file a lot of times to get a lot of premium points.
for some reason, you can’t run more than one instances at a time. i want to know if there’s a way so i can run two of the same application at the same time so i could save time.

Answer #1
You can’t save Time with running multiple instances. Your download speed will splitt up as the instances increase. So if you have a download speed about 200 KB/s and running 2 instances You will have a download Speed about 100 KB/s per File so it doesnt save time. Sry i don’t know how to run more!
Answer #2
i have a rs account with a lot of bandwidth left over. so i use it to download some of my collector accounts’ stuff to get rapidpoints. the trouble is that 1 rsload does not use all my avalible bandwidth(internet access)
Answer #3
so is therer an option running multiple rsload at a time i didnt understand
Answer #4
you cant


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