Rapidshare won’t open

June 6th, 2018

Hey guys, www.~ Dead file host ~ won’t open for me from yesterday night, nor I can download my queued files from it. What might be the problem? I know it’s not down because my friend is downloading stuff from it atm…

Answer #1
it has happened to myself and many other people in the past. try using a proxy until the problem is fixed.
Answer #2
Wow, you’re fast, thanks a lot. I’m not familiar with the term proxy, can you tell me how I do that please?
Answer #3
a proxy is a site which channels the internet through it, masking you as viewing it
this is a popular proxy
Answer #4
Er, I can open the homepage with it but it keeps malfunctioning in so many ways, like when I want a file and press “Free” at the first screen it just opens the same page.


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