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June 17th, 2018

1st – Sorry my English
2nd – my problem is…Rapidshare free downloading or something like this, i use a program to download games, apps and other stuffs, named JDownloader. The point is, I can’t download anything via rapidshare because a have a error message saying that are others users downloading that file, and i have to wait 2 minutes, after 2 minutes the same error appeared…so, this can be solved, or there are other programs to “skip” this error?
Thanks to all that want to help. keep it up.

Answer #1
I think the only way to skip that error is to buy a premium account for at least a month. Then you’ll probably extend on your own. Otherwise, you can use premium link generators & download your manually one by one / together if you have enough D/L speed
Answer #2
It’s a good solution, thanks for helping ;D
Answer #3
u can use link generator. u can find many link generators in link heaven section..
Answer #4
The message you are being given is that there are too many free users downloading.
You are asked to wait 2 minutes and try again.
It doesn’t mean that it will surely work in 2 minutes – if there are still too many free users downloading, then again, you will be asked to retry in another 2 minutes.
The 2 minute wait time to try again is to reduce the amount of load on the servers.
1. Keep trying every 2 minutes until you manage
2. Use direct premium links where possible
3. Buy a rapidshare premium account.
Good luck
Answer #5
If you only need a file or 2 to complete your download, you could always ask for someone with a premium account to DL it for you and upload it to another hosting. It’s best to just get a account, it’s worth it these days.


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