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November 27th, 2013

Trying to install toon town for my son, but it won’t install. It says you need 150mb worth of space to install. I have 2 drives c: which says system reserve and has like 50mbs left and d: which has 190 gigs left. I think game is trying to install on system reserve and I have no clue how to stop this. I tried google and reworded, was vague, and was detailed in many searches. Any help will would be awesome. It has been doing it for a few other games as well. Thanks ahead of time.
Answer #1
Don’t you get the option to browse the install location?
Most games will have that option..
Answer #2
nope. not at all
Answer #3
Something like this:

Answer #4
it installs then when i go to load the game it says a minimum of 150 mb of disc space is required to install. please free up disc space. and i deleted a bunch of junk just now. i have 14 gigs of free space. lol
Answer #5
Mate..Maybe you need some space in the C partition for the pagefile..You need to delete some data to fee up space…
Answer #6
oh i see. the page file. lets try it. ty for your time btw very quick responses
Answer #7
hmm can i delete files from this folder? i see one labled drivers and one labled nvidia.
*copied everything and then deleted it. it left me with 55mb/99mb on that drive. its c: the other one with program files is d: so confusing idk whats up.
Answer #8
Uninstall and delete stuff that not needed..Also check and delete everything inside the temp folder..
Answer #9
dang. did not work. idk… stumped. if only it gave me a choice of where to install it. toon town is a disney game, and they’re tech support section is a joke lol.
Answer #10
You just have to face it..the problem is not with the game..obviously 50 MB left in the system drive is not enough..You will have problems with other software too..
Bottom line is you need to free up some space..


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