[Question]About the Sorce of the Tv-Series Uploaders

November 9th, 2017

Hi, sory for the bad english
im from israel,
and i know about that system about 1 and half year.
icrack rs acounts .. and that how i download .. and here .. or in katz.cd .. i search links,
but here us better than katz.cd ..
but, im wondering,
the tv serie for example : “The unit” \ ” Prison Break”,
are in tv in USA for example in 9\8 at night .. ithink its pm ..
and isee that the first links for the last episode is published here in 5-4 in the morning i think am ..
its about 7-9 hours after the tv in the usa .. its alot of time to upload 350MB ..
its to record take 1 hour .. like the episode time ..
and then upload 6-8 hours ?! :S
i upload faster ..
so iunderstand that here is not the source of the peoples that are recording he episodes and upload them ..
ithink its like another forums, that people here take from other forums sites and give the links here after alot of time ..
so if some1 can give me the source site for the Tv-Series ?

Answer #1
They have very fast upload speeds, takes just a minute or two, not 6-8 hours LOL
Answer #2
No I think youve got your timezones wrong. people here post shows like 3 minz after they air on TV.
It doesnt take them hours at all. They dont just get them off another site and repost them here
Answer #3
they need to be converted before upload and most are torrents/P2P that some one downloads and reups to RS
most groups dont upload to file hosts, only share on torrents/P2P
Answer #4
so you’r telling me that torrent is better than ?!
so what is the torrent site ? torrent leech ? igot there a user ..
Answer #5
not better & defiantly not safer
torrents & P2P can be tracked back to your IP
torrents may be a lil quicker putting stuff out but number of sources dictate speed
I have not used torrents/P2P in 4-5 years, so can’t help you there
got turned of for “sharing” and stop using them after that
Answer #6
Well, first of all the shows aren’t uploaded several hours after the release. Don’t forget that since you’re in Israel there is an eight hour difference between there and the USA. After the shows are recorder they are encoded and quickly uploaded to what we call the Topsites. On these topsites the uploads are available through fast FTPs and from there they reach the P2P sites and systems and forums such as this one. It all takes only several minutes. Good luck mate ^_^
Answer #7
and it also depends on which time zone they are recorded in
most are east coast sources but it someone fails to get them then the west coast source(3-4 hours later) may post them
and lately there are Canadian sources as well
but I’ve seen some show come out 2-3 days after broadcast
Law&Order CI being one of them
it seems like a � hour to an hour after broadcast is the quickest they appear here
Answer #8
I upload my own rips and use DVB-T and DVB-S PCI cards in my PC for TV capture for Digital TV and Satellite.
In Europe there are still not enough DVB-S2 providers yet, but this is changing and I will purchase a new card for this format.
Once I have recorded the program, I simply encode it and then upload onto newsgroups to share with others …. I am not part of a group but an individual and I have found that I can usually provide the material quicker than some established groups on individual episodes …….. they are better are releasing 100’s of episodes, mind you the quality ie resolution on mine is higher, that’s most probably as they are working on many releases on a daily basis eg
Answer #9
ok, thanks …
what is this site that you take a pic from him ? u delete the adress \=
Answer #10
they need to be converted before upload and most are torrents/P2P that some one downloads and reups to RS
most groups dont upload to file hosts, only share on torrents/P2P

Yeah plus they need to edit out the Ad’s and up to Top/ Dump sites
The 3 min posts that u see on w-bb are users who have Top-Site access and use Megashares remote uploading uption

what is this site that you take a pic from him ?
u delete the adress \=

Search newgroups / usenet on Google
Answer #11
idont under stand what your saying .. \=
what are top sites ?! w-bb is top site ? no ?
Answer #12
WBB is not a topsite. Topsites are scene sites. The that we’re getting here gets released first to the Ranked/Rated Topsites. After that the finds it’s way to lower ranked topsites and from there people with access remote upload the to sites like Megashares and Rapidshare and post it here. is one of the final links in the chain. Good luck mate ^_^
Answer #13
lol no just contains links to Topsite is a term used by the scene to refer to high-speed FTP servers used by release groups and couriers for distribution, storage and archiving of releases. Topsites have very high-bandwidth Internet connections, commonly supporting transfer speeds of hundreds to thousands of megabits per second; enough to transfer a full DVD in minutes. Topsites also have very high storage capacity; a total of many terabytes is typical.
read more about it here–


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