question for the active / muscle builder guys

January 9th, 2017

looking to build some muscle mass so i’ve searched for some muscle-gainer/builder ebooks and found loads but dunno which are really good and which to trust
any suggestions? preferable one which covers both exercises and diet
im getting way over-lazy

Answer #1
My roommate and I have decided to go to the gym more often to hit the weights (after a long time of sitting on my butt), so I downloaded a few programs that I think are good.
I recommend this one as it comes from a pretty reliable source:
And I downloaded this one and it doesn’t look too bad so far
I’d also recommend looking into a few supplements… back when I was really into lifting I put on about 10 pounds of almost solid muscle in less than a month using protein and creatine.
Answer #2
Don’t use supplements of any kind dude, it f**ks your body up my uncle is a fitness expert and a brand ambassador for a *********( he told me not to put the name) but it’s a famous brand and yeah it seems supplements may not cause any problems now but in the long run, your gonna see some changes in yourself and healt issues.
Answer #3
do not use any creatine mohndryate poweder or bulking up poweder that contains it
trust me you dont wanna use it,basicly it pumps you up
with water giving you fake muscles (water filled) and gives you more strength,of course after a while the waters
go out and you lose the fake muscles but the real muscles you gained
working out will stay,but im tellin you from expirence DONT USE THAT JUNK!
first of because of the way it works you will become insanely thursty (im talking
about drinking 6-7 litres of water a day which is quite a task) , it will also cause you insomnia quite often and youll feel somewhat heavier aswell and will have some discomfort
dunkin , nothin is worth that,the insane feeling of thirst is just crazy
the only supplements worth using are protein powders and glutamine , other then that
have a good diet
Answer #4
You guys should read up on facts before you come in posting random stuff. Creatine is proven completely safe, just as safe as good ol’ protein. The only part that could even potentially make it dangerous is when you mix it with things like nitric oxide which has lots of adverse side affects. I myself have used N.O. and I would absolutely not recommend it as I have had loads of problems with it including dizziness, feeling light-headed, and vomiting. N.O. may cause insomnia, NOT creatine. The cause of possible insomnia comes from the loads of caffeine put in SOME creatine mixes and N.O. mixes. But it is not the creatine that is causing it, it is the caffeine. Take a look at the labels, many supps. have 100+mg of caffeine per serving, which is more than enough to make someone lose sleep.
Moral of the story, do your research and pick the right brands and you’ll be fine. I use CellMass and have had 0 problems. Creatine is completely safe and you have nothing to worry about. 10 year studies of creatine usage shows that a person can easily take up to 15mg per day of creatine (more than any supplement) with absolutely no side effects.
Answer #5
even so , the insane thirst creatine causes,feeling of heaviness and discomfort dunkin
i dont think anything is worth that
Answer #6
even so , the insane thirst creatine causes,feeling of heaviness and discomfort dunkin
i dont think anything is worth that

Yeah, it may be annoying to some people, but I’ve never really had a problem. I haven’t really noticed any excess thirst, but I probably wouldn’t have a problem drinking the recommended 120 ounces of water per day anyway. And I haven’t had any discomfort with it either.
But Nitric Oxide, boy is that another story. That stuff made my lifts go through the roof, but I felt awful every time. I would come back from working out and feel like I was going to faint every time. I looked online and apparently that’s a pretty common reaction.
Answer #7
espicially annoying to ppl addicted to mineral water like myself back in those days i was finishing six packs like a snack
Answer #8
Creatine = bad (in my opinion) I heard later in life you could have kidney, like stated above, the water issues and all that…
I’m currently a sophomore in high school, and the only advice I can give on the actual topic of this message is hit the weights like 3-4 days a week, no more and you don’t REALLY need to watch your diet.. I don’t, and I’m just fine as is, however, if you really feel you need to watch your diet, you don’t need any fancy books or anything to tell you that fruits and veges are good, and candy is bad, lol
Good luck.


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