Question about Jtag games

November 27th, 2013

So I’m getting my xbox jtagged next week when my buddy gets the jtag chips, so ive downloaded a couple of games while i wait. Ok so i extracted the first game (GOW3) and there was an iso file inside. Now the second game i downloaded (Driver) had a bunch of Data files inside after extraction?
So the question is can i use both these iso and Data files when i get my 360 jtagged?

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Answer #2
Hey brother I just got my xbox jtaged and I`m gonna try to help you out. You have to use a program to convert the ISO into files that your jtag xbox can load with Xexmenu.
Check this youtube video this dude walks you through it very well and gives you the files and programs you need. Also shows you how to put games on the hard drive.

Now this video shows you how to put on xbox live games (those arcade games), and homebrew.
These are the two best videos I found on the net. VERY clear. I hope they help you as much as they helped me.
Answer #3
thanks man, thats great
i couldnt tell from the video, but does the program convert the iso’s to data files, like the ones in the other game i have?


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