Program to identify song on a youtube video

October 8th, 2016

Hello , i am looking for a program to identify song on youtube videos , theres lots of gaming videos i see on youtube with a good songs and id like to find them , i been told a program called shazam can do that but its a mobile app . Id like a similar program or website that can be done on pc . If you know any , let me know ! Thanks !
For what its worth , heres a video that i want the song , theres several songs but the one i want is starting at 1:37 to 3:34 #3.10 All links must be coded - including, but not limited to,

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Answer #1
doesn’t youtube usually say what the song is?
Answer #2
Maybe if its only 1 song in the video , but most i see have at least 3-4 different songs in the video which makes it impossible to find all of them unless theres lyrics so . Without lyrics you need a program to do that for you .
Answer #3
Shazam for PC:
Shazam for Mac:
Answer #4
Doesnt seem to work , or at least i dont know how it works , ive tried playing song but i get no results . Would love if you could explain how it works
Answer #5
Moving -
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Answer #6
Ty for moving my thread into the proper section !
Answer #7
Blokhe4d – The Way Life Used To Be , used shazam on my mobile. Dont know a program for pc
Answer #8
Ty very much !!! Song is correct ! Appreciate it !
Answer #9
You got a Phone? Android…or IOS.. etc…?
Then use SoundHound App…


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