Printing/Ripping from a protected website

April 23rd, 2018

Hey guys.
Basically, I bought this study guide online which uses a “Learning Management System”
You have to log in to access the website.
It won’t let you copy/paste any of the text, let alone print it. I would like to print it for offline purposes.
If I spam CTRL + P, I manage to get the print box up, but it just prints out a blank page.
I think it is protected by a javascript script, not sure.
I’ve tried source code by spamming CTRL + U, but it does not display any pictures when I save the source code.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer #1
Use Snagit.
Answer #2
Use Snagit.

I’ll agree with on that one. Snagit will take a screenshot of the page. But the only problem is that you’ll be dealing with images instead of text.


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