plumbing – replacing a leaking shower diverter

December 22nd, 2017

i am trying to replace a leaky shower diverter. actually i did replace it but it still leaks. what else could the problem be?
what happens – no pressure from the shower head and the majority of the water comes out the tub spout.

Answer #1
all i could find…,,1610794,00.html
Answer #2
thanks bro, already saw that though. i did the google search before i posted here.
i dont think the problem is stem. i think its actually in the pipe in the wall.
Answer #3
Put some Teflon tape around the threads…
Answer #4
you think so? its not like its leaking constantly from the threads. the majority of the water just comes out the tub spout instead of the shower head. the diverter isnt diverting basically.
Answer #5
got a pic of the diverter
A – correct
B – incorrect
Answer #6
Where you live is the water presure high or low, or there maybe to little presure in the system when it hits the diverter depending on how its fed


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