Plain Baseball/Varsity Jacket Suppliers?

April 1st, 2017

Hi, Just wondering whether anyone knows of a Supplier in the UK for Baseball/Varsity Jackets?
We want to include them in our Clothing Line but we’re paying around �20 each for them from a Seller on eBay, so want to know whether anyone knows of a actual proper Supplier I can get them from instead of going through the middle man on eBay?

Answer #1
… anyone?
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Answer #2
I just remembered this topic, I know it’s old, and don’t care if it gets locked, but try here,
Contact them via their main website – you may get discount for bulk ?
Answer #3
Thanks alot
Answer #4
Thanks alot
You’re welcome.
My son bought a couple from them, and they were delivered the next day
Answer #5
Thanks for the website i was searching for the same, just need one with “leather” arms, you know any seller?

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