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October 12th, 2020

Hey, so I previously asked if anyone has experience with paypal-like systems?
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I want to wire some money to a checking account, but I don’t want to share my checking account. So the only solution is to wire money from a Paypal like service to a checking account.
Paypal however asks for a fee below 100 euros.
Moneybookers asks for a fee no matter the amount.
Unibet asks for a fee below 15 euros.
Anyone else? It needs to support non-US area… (europe), as I have checked some other alternatives which don’t (like Dwolla, etc…).
I am now looking into:
Thanks in advance!

Answer #1
I checked Google Wallet, unfortunatelly they do not support sending money (and withdrawing your wallet) tot non US residents. I also checked big services such as Neteller, they ask a subcharge of 7,5 when you withdraw.
All the other Paypal alternatives do not support non-US areas.
So basically they want you to switch but they only support US area. I know US is one of the biggest markets, but come one, this is ridiculous.
What about Bitcoin, Litecoin and the like I wonder? I am not interested in the matter itself, but I did read it’s without fees and internationally accepted…


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