hard disk problem

January 15th, 2018

when i try to run on my laptop, my harddisk make sound about 4 or 5 times..
then my hard disk stop running, when i look to my laptop,
my hard disk doesnt shown on “My Computer”
any help here?

Answer #1
If it makes click click sound, it might be dead. Try connecting it to another computer, if you can see anytihng, copy as much as you can from it before it’s totally dead.
Answer #2
Might be the HDD port or the cable, try connecting to another PC and if the same problem than its the HDD, either its dieing or some component isn’t working properly
Answer #3
Seems like the HDD Board is dead, you might want to repair/replace it..
Answer #4
can i know how it can be dead?
is it because being hot?
i just left my laptop on until morning on windows screen,
when i woke up, it change to black screen that said, cant boot device..
Answer #5
Go to BIOS setup and run a diagnostic test for harddrive
Answer #6
ok ill try it..
for your info, i had try open my hdd using linux, but still cant initialize..(
all my final project on my hdd…
still cant read
Answer #7
As said , run the diagnostic and check where the error is and hope u have tried connecting yr HDD as slave in other machine.
If still its not able to detect, I suggest stop doing R&D and take it to some professional, Thinking about yr project in mind.
in btw , What laptop you’re using is that not in warranty ?
Answer #8
when i try to run on my laptop, my harddisk make sound about 4 or 5 times..
What kinda sound? Be specific,Or better yet find a way
to record it.
Please clarify,Your refering to an external HDD right? Otherwise
this makes no sense:
when i look to my laptop,
my hard disk doesnt shown on "My Computer"

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Is there any Software/Website offer Free SMS Poll/Voting

January 15th, 2018

Hello Friends, can u please help me to suggest a Software or Website that can offer Free SMS voting / Polling in India?
thanks in advance…

Answer #1
way2sms.com free sms .dunno abt the voting thing.
Answer #2
Here’s a site that I use for free SMS’s – you can use it to send SMS in all the world.
Answer #3
thanks for and for your reply.. but my questn is not Free SMS sending.. what i want is the SMS voting site like http://www.polleverywhere.com/
or http://www.smspoll.net/
but FREE.. also offer in India..

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[SOLVED] HELP: slow scrolling

January 14th, 2018

I just installed windows XP, and when i scroll, it is extremely slow, it takes about 3 seconds to scroll 1 click, a line goes all the way down the screen from top to bottom, and once the line passes each line of text, it updates to the new screen, sorry if you dont understand, its hard to explain. can anybody help? the same thing happens in Firefox when the toolbar comes up asking me to save a password, it slowly comes down, like line by line. any help is appreciated
Answer #1
Install your graphics drivers, if you don’t have a graphics card, install your motherboard drivers.
Answer #2
^^when i tried that, i got an error “out of range” because my monitor goes up to 1600×1200, but it cant handle that, and the only way i could fix it was to format again will i just have to go back to Vista?
EDID: Solved, used DXdiag to override refresh rate adding SOLVED tag

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Shockwave problems(solved)

January 13th, 2018

hello. i have a f***ing major problem with windows 7 64bit. after having my shockwave plugin crash on chrome over 400 times. i decided to look up wtf was happening to my browser chrome. after looking i find that the plugin for shockwave is not compatible with windows 7 64bit.. so i am looking for a way to fix this stupid problem. any ideas? thanks and i hate adobe. ps. u say look in google i will kill u (figuratively)
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Answer #1
usually if it is not compatible then I doubt there will be some work around.
Use Firefox =]
Answer #2
Its compatible with W7 64bit. Use Firefox or Opera browsers. I found Chrome to be unstable so why bother with that crap.
Here M$ says Adobe shockwave works on 64bit W7
Download it here
I got that from google in just 2 seconds btw
Answer #3
Get a 32-bit browser (e.g. Firefox) and get the plug-in for it.
Answer #4
use firework m8
Answer #5
i did find that link in google, jeebus.but after reinstalling 4 or 5 times i figured out that it didnt work. still had the problems. i had this problem with chrome, firefox, and internet explorer. but after uninstalling chrome, shockwave worked in the other browsers so i guess it was chrome. thanks for the suggestions.
Btw Jeebus i will not Figuratively kill you.

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Just a quick question about Windows 7!

January 12th, 2018

I know this isn’t really the appropriate place to be asking about the purchase of Windows 7…
But basically I just need to find out how much it would cost in total to purchase licenses for windows for 10,000 computers?
Thanks for your help!

Answer #1
Get a crkd copy and GHOST it…
Answer #2
This is purely hypothetical, I just need to know for an assignment I’m currently writing.
Answer #3
contact M$ or and OEM (HP, Dell or whoever)
in the early days of XP there were “bulk licenses” available for as little as $1/per number to OEM’s
not sure how many you had to buy to get that price but the info I got was from auctioning off a mid sized PC mfg’s inventory

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