Overclock my cpu needs help.

November 23rd, 2017

Hello have a question about overclocking my cpu
I wanna try before i switch over to q6600 and asus commando (mobo)
to overclock my cpu i now have in use.
I am want to know if i can do this whit my configuration i have now have..i place a list whit specs down below the page..it’s include my mobo and cpu.
i am running Windows vista Home premium 32bit-on a 64 bit based pc.
use 3.3 gig of ram 4installed.( pc5300 667mhz 4x)( GEIL golden emperor international ltd)
msi nx7900gtx 512ddr3 videocard
termaltake case whit 2 big casefans(get optimal airflow )
special cpu cooler..(cpu normal temp 32..37..intensive use arround 47 48c when play crysis ore something) so i know i have enough cooling to start overclock cpu..
The thing i want it to chance my cpu from 3000mhz to 3200 or 3400mhz is this possible for me! Please some tell me how and what the best tool for it..any instructions about this is welcome to.
Thanks for replay on this post any help ore info nice.
have a nice day (motherboard specs)
Manufacturer :Award Software International,
Inc. Version :10f Date :17 september 2005 Address :0xE000 on 512 KB Copyright :Copyright (C) 1984-2005, Award Software, Inc. Motherboard ID :09/17/2005-i915P-6A79VG0QC-00 OEM Signature :Intel 915P BIOS for 8I915PMD 10f NF DMI Version :2.3 Characteristics : Flashable :Yes Socketed :No Functionality : APM :Yes ACPI :Yes
ESCD :No PnP :Yes PCI :Yes
ISA :No AGP :No USB :Yes PCMCIA :No Smart Battery :No Boot Information :Selectable
Boot :Yes CD-ROM Boot :Yes PC Card (PCMCIA)
Boot :No I20 Boot :No LS-120 Boot :Yes 1394 Boot :No ATAPI ZIP
Boot :Yes Network Boot :Yes (cpu info )
Type :Intel Pentium 4
Internal Specification :Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
Model Number :630 (estimated) Codename :Prescott
Revision :N0 Technology :0.09� CPU ID :F.4.3 CPU IDEx :F.4.3 Microcode :MU0F4305
Number of Logical Processors :2 Instructions : IA-64 Technology :No Intel64 (EM64T) :Yes FPU128 :No SSE5 :No SSE4a :No
SSE4.2 :No SSE4.1 :No S-SSE3 :No SSE3 :Yes SSE2 :Yes SSE :Yes
Extended 3DNow! Technology :No 3DNow! Technology :No 3DNOW Prefetch :No 3DNow! Pro Technology :Yes AMD MMX Technology :No MMX Technology :Yes
Cyrix MMX Technology :No CLF – Cache Line Flush :Yes CX8 – CMPXCHG8B :Yes
CX16 – CMPXCHG16B :Yes CMOV – Conditionnal Move Inst. :Yes
MON – Monitor/Mwait :Yes
POPCNT :No RDTSCP :No SEP – Fast System Call :Yes Will bring peace on the battleground….

Answer #1
if your ram memory can scale with your fsb it should be allright(if the pc stays stabile)
Answer #2
any one!!!
Answer #3
Go into bios and up the FSB. Remember FSBxMultipier = Speed of CPU
Also this increases speed of memory and you need ot make sure you don’t go overkill with memory or it won’t boot. I’d try it anyway, if it doesn’t boot then you know.
Answer #4
Erm you said you have a Q6600, the clock speed of that is 2.4ghz not 3ghz, so to get to 3.4ghz you’d be overlocking a long way!
Answer #5
not i have a q6600..before i want to buy one,,i want to overclock my old cpu 3.0ghz first…
oke thanks for the tip ..go take a look in my bios fsb..
Answer #6
not i have a q6600..before i want to buy one,,i want to overclock my old cpu 3.0ghz first...
oke thanks for the tip ..go take a look in my bios fsb..

Shame, the Q6600 overclocks so much better than the old p4’s they run so hot that without watercooking you can’t OC that far…
Answer #7
i know that already dude..and for oc i have enough cooling ..i dont ask for what is better for oc…i ask can i oc my cpu now as it is running .
just the hints i need..and for getting wurried about temp ,…. i know that untill 3.4 ghz oc a basic fan is good enough..but i have better!
so please tell me first what is possible.and afther the risk or what ever.
but thanks for rp.


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