Nero 8 and serial number- to play movie

December 9th, 2016

there is a movie with has .avi extension. i want to play it. but Nero gives a message- i have a pirated version- i can receive a 10% discount and get a proper serial number.
how can i play the movie? help please and thanks!!!

Answer #1
Why would you want to use Nero to play movies…Nero is for burning CDs/DVDs…There is a lot of Media players out there…VLC Media Player is free…And plays anything you throw at it…
Unless if you mean burning the AVI file as VCD…
Answer #2
you know you are quite right. there are plenty of media players. i just got used to Nero for playing movies. but it would be good to burn the avi file as vcd– it should not be too hard.
Answer #3
If you are using Nero 7, I can give you all the licenses, etc. Add the Ultra edition license and you wont be having problems with anything
Answer #4
thanks for the offer. unfortunately- i have nero ultra
Answer #5
I too am using ultra now. The one I use is fully cracked and works without any problems. had downloaded from here itself only
Answer #6
so what do i do? any suggestions?


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