need help to jailbreak (unlock) cell phone

October 16th, 2016

I have Motorola Razr V3xx It is an AT&T phone but I use T-Mobile… I am trying to find the subsidy code for it but no no avail I am unsuccessful. can Someone please please please help me? Is there a program I can use or does someone have the program and I just supply the IMEI#?
Answer #1
Call T-Mobile and ask for it. Be nice!
Answer #2
I called Both T-mobile and AT&T and neither would help me and I was very nice… even said pretty please lol… not to sure what to do now. thank you for your help though…
Answer #3
i had the same phone and the same problem,i just called the customer care and told them i am visiting europe for a couple of weeks,n wish to use the same phone there until my stay.they simply asked me my IMEI no.,my e-mail and sent me and an e-mail with the unlock code and also how to unlock it,they were really very nice to me.follow the same procedure,just tell them u r visiting to a diffrent country for a few days,they will sure do me..


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