Need help the files wont play

October 14th, 2020

Hey guys, so i downloaded prison break ep 12 and when i tried open it up in vlc player nothing happend… so i dl another prison break file but nothing happend again… do i need to convert the file or something before it can play?
Answer #1
what format are they in? If Rar then you need to extract it first
Answer #2
yeah i think its Rar.. im a noob at these things how do u do it?
Answer #3
you gotta use winrar or 7-zip
get one of em then right click
it and use one of the extract options
do note that if theres multiple rar files
then extracting just 1 of em is good
enough (winrar/7-zip will extract the data
from all of the rars automatically from the 1st part)
Answer #4
anywhere i can dl winrar for free?
Answer #5
do i really need to remind you this is a forum?
lol , run a search in the apps section
Answer #6
hmm i dl it but i cant open it:S
Answer #7
you need it in .zip ,here
windows have a built-in zip archiver so youll
be able to open it easily
Answer #8
when you download it, check that the extension is .zip not .rar. Oh the irony in that…. or get 7zip from their site which is free.
Answer #9
okey i dl winrar and i opened it and pressed extract file then it loads abit and then it says i need to put in a cd…
Answer #10
makes no sense , take a screenshot
or more simple get 7-zip
Answer #11
what format are they in?
Answer #12
Answer #13
im gonna try dl pb again i need to dl all the parts right?
Answer #14
plz post the page from wich you D/l maby we can see there more info
yes you need to Dl all links
Answer #15
why cant you just provide a screenshot?
it would help ALOT
Answer #16
http://rs247.~ Dead file host ~/files/167218211/prison.break.412.hdtv-lol.part1.rar
This is the file i download.
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Answer #17
i should be able to winrar that file and part 2 right?
Answer #18
hmm gotto agree with
please make a screenshot
you have to D/l all 4 parts then select all then rigth mouse button and click extract here
Answer #19
i do not have an camera or cellphone avalible at the moment:(
Answer #20
you should first obviously,download all parts
if you havnt already done so , then right click
one of the files ONLY,not each just one of em
doesnt matter which and use one of the “extract to”
options (right click when your on the download folder
with windows explorer i mean)
edit: about the screenshot,you dont need any,really
get gadwin printscreen
Answer #21
ok listen i made a map called prison break ep 12, i just downloaded :http://~ Dead file host ~/files/167223179/prison.break.412.hdtv-lol.part1.rar and im gonna dowload part 2 now. I made the download destination to the map i created. When im done with part 2 i use winrar and extract both of the files? after that they should work or?
Comments:LINK/S have been CODED. Please remember to use the CODE FUNCTION
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Answer #22
dude its called a folder/directory not map
or did i misunderstood somethin? anyhows,as saif first you gotta download all files
then you need to extract from ONLY 1 of em
and NOT each in seperate , when youll extract from one of em
the data from the others will be too automatically extracted/combined
Answer #23
you need to download ALL parts from the episode you want to watch!
Answer #24
first man : Download ALL the parts and put them in the same place~ Folders are not allowed ~
second : Use your Winrar to extract them ( press right mouse button at one part any choose extract here )
Then you can enjoy the movie.
Answer #25


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