My sony vegas work that took me 4hrs to do has gone…

November 26th, 2013

I completely finished the video but the video was over 1gb when I rendered so I decided to leave that for tomorrow.
I’m deffo 99.9% sure I saved I remember doing so, I wouldn’t edit something for atleast 30mins without saving. I come to check it today to re-render and it’s gone, like all gone back to where I was 2days ago (not very far in…)
Please to god tell me there’s a recovery part for me to get my work back?

Answer #1
If you saved it, it didn’t just disappear. Search the disk for the file, it has to be on there somewhere.
If you saved it, then deleted it, you can use any data recovery software. I recommend Recuva, free and easy.
If you didn’t save it, its gone =(
Answer #2
a back up may be in c:\users\name\appdata\sony\vegaspro\10.0
using win7…


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