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January 7th, 2017

I have a question for you guys, I’m sure it’s a silly one and you will give me the answer rapidly!!
I have a premium RS account and I don’t like to use the RapidShare Manager because, for whatever reasons, it stops downloading some times. Therefore I use IDM to download but this gives the foll. problem. If I want to download something of 5gbs broken into 30 pieces, I must copy each link one by one and paste it into a new tab, then select Premium and then download it…30 times !! Isn’t there a way to open all the links at once in firefox (they are not clickable links so the several add-ons I found won’t make it) or a program that I could paste all the links and which would give me the correct links to add at once in IDM???
Thanks in advance…

Answer #1
Oops, sorry, someone just posted the same question and I got the answer, topic closed…
Answer #2
First you need to go to options >sites login>insert the account details.
In order to download you have to:
Select the links you want to download, then right click and select Download with IDM. Click check all and select the folder you want them to be saved. Click OK and make sure to check Start queue now.
That’s all.
Answer #3
Answer #4
you can also copy all the links to notepad .txt file, then select tasks > import > from text files and then start queue. its quite usefully if you find interesting links and you don’t want to download them right away


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