Msn Plus Event Viewer

December 24th, 2017

Hello All
I have A Problem with msn plus 4.5 the event vier shows my own evens only ,, when i change my statues or block n unblock anyone
and doesnt even show anyone statues or what his listening to
it doesn’t even show what am listening to
need help ,, thanks

Answer #1
dont normally use this, but try this:
start msn.
go to your msn plus options (msn 8.5 has an “show menu” button underneath the red X button)
go to “Plus!”
ensure “event viewer” is activated (to show)
on the event viewer box
drop down the options box, select “event viewer preferences”
an msn plus live settings box will open, look for “filter by contacts” – open that and check that all the contacts you want are selected.
ive looked around the search engines but havent found anything consistently wrong with the event viewer.


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